Website Marketing Report

We've analyzed your website performance and here are the results.

Generated: October 19, 2022

Target Country: United States

Solid, you have the basic elements covered, but you need to step it up.

You have the basic elements covered, but continue reading to improve your score and really leverage your website marketing.

Top Keywords

Ranking shows the position that your site is listed in Google when a user searches a word or phrase and how many searches are made every month.

What words or phrases do visitors use to find you in Google?

Words that give you more visits Position in Google Monthly Searches
comcastemails 43 140
mailwizz review 48 30

Site Review

Your website should provide the best possible experience for users and search engines. We look for a fast-loading website with very little coding errors and no obstacles for search engines. This is what we have discovered when looking at your site.

Does your website load quickly?


Excellent. 1.50 seconds is a good loading time for a website.

Do you have an SSL certificate?


Your website has a valid SSL certificate in place.

What do you need to look at?

  • There is one internal broken link on your website.

    Broken links can affect your search engine ranking as well as preventing visitors from seeing your site, so you should fix them as soon as possible. You have links to these broken URLs:

What have you done well?

  • You have set your preferred domain.
  • You have error pages set up for your site.
  • You have an XML sitemap on your site.

Search Optimization

A site optimized for search engines brings more visitors to your site who are actively interested in your content. We've reviewed your website to find where you can improve to get better results from search engines.

What do you need to look at?

What have you done well?

  • Your site has a robots.txt file.
  • Your site isn't duplicating meta descriptions.
  • Your site's meta descriptions are not too long.
  • There are no missing titles on your pages.
  • Your site has H1 tags.


We review how well your content is doing in terms of amount and attractiveness to visitors.

What do you need to look at?

What have you done well?

  • You have at least one contact form.


This is how your website would look to mobile visitors. Performing poorly on a mobile device can affect your traffic and make you lose potential visitors.

How does your site look to mobile visitors?

Is your site mobile enabled?


It looks like your site is optimized for mobile users.

Does your mobile site load quickly?


Your mobile site is fast – it takes 1.23 seconds seconds to load.


This shows you how popular your site is as related to the number of backlinks it gets and how much traffic it receives. Backlinks are links to your website from other sites on the internet, and getting links from good websites is important for higher rankings.

Which websites have a link to


external links found from


different websites